Minimalist Design Geometric Pivot Faucet

Here is a Minimalist Design Geometric Pivot Faucet designed by Dornbracht. In addition to minimalist design, this faucet also has a unique and attractive appearance. And also have more functionality for ease when we use the kitchen sink.

High technologies and minimalism, functionality and high-quality aesthetics combined in this Pivot faucet by German kitchen and bathroom design brand Dornbracht.

Any minimalist kitchen really lacks such a piece because he Pivot faucet’s wide reaching arm (552 mm) rotates 360° allowing the faucet to be used across an entire kitchen island.

A practical but discreet twist handle located just above the spout provides a simple, ergonomic operation.

The faucet has clearly defined shapes and a refined, geometric minimalist design which makes it ideal for a modern and stylish kitchen. No vintage or retro, just modern sleek shapes and lines!